Judith Castle

Judith Castle holds an MA in the History and Philosophy of Religion (Concordia). She has taught Humanities at Collège LaSalle Montréal and Social Psychology at Concordia University, Continuing Education, Montréal.

Her poetry has been published in The Fiddlehead;EventThe Antigonish ReviewTime of Singing;Our Daily Poem; Mile 0 Magazine; IslandWriter MagazineOcean Wilderness Chapbook:  berries, (small) and rain, 2012; and Planet Earth Poetry Anthology, 2012. She has given poetry readings in Montréal for The Quebec Writers’ Federation, and in Victoria for Planet Earth Poetry. She has exhibited her photography at Arts NDG, Galerie Luz and Galerie Nota Bene, Montréal.

In 2010, Judith moved to Victoria BC where she is a regular reader at Planet Earth Poetry. Her first volume of poetry, Flare Path, was published in 2012, and her second volume, What Remains, in 2014.


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